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Aframes an hiking

Well, we had the opportunity to set up in 3 days , and get back to the office with more projects on the plate. We took a dear friend to go on the job to reassemble the Aframe an get back on time. Time came, an left us wanting. This scenario of, where did the screw go?

Sometimes it's the smallest things that keep you from big dreams. We had to leave , as we had time sensitive projects back at the office . We had to leave the important details in the trusted hands of my campkeeper! Who did a amazing job by the way! Details are now worked out, an we are working on getting the photos to show you the amazing work my Campkeeper did! I'm so impressed, and thankful for him an his amazing wife! They are beautiful ,an wonderful people, I know they will take such good care of you my guest ! The water falls that surrounds the area is a wonder land of discovery, an the hiking trails are plenty as well. Just the site itself, is serene an so alive . We are looking at the fire pits we can place throughout the site for campers who come with their own tent! This is being planned as we speak. I fancy the huge rocks I found..they are on my list to camp on them! They are that big! Happy hunting!😉

We will have the Aframe ready an online shortly! But the land is ready if your ready.. I will say this..bring your tick suits..

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We have minor details to clean up, an get done, but we are so close we can taste it! We will be open soooon!!

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