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Well, work is long! Getting things finished on the A Frame is long... the days . Well, they are not long! They are short ! Time, the thing I can't get more of. ..*Sigh*..  Well, we are finishing up , but falling behind.  Our last attempt to get the stove pipe finished,  was failed by ordering the wrong size pipe. And now, we are down to the wire on time !! Because the last wall can't be finished, as the hole into the roof can't be cut . Till we have THE pipe.

  Here we sit on the 13th day ,an we ride out on the 24th ! To reassemble this Cabin  that has yet to be finished as it's not fully going up! An still needs disassembling and labeling ... Stress is high here... this is going to be a ship show!

We have 2 friends lined up to go out with us.. we have to get people aware an here we are!! We are adding in expectations of campers coming . We are running off our groceries  to do this money wise! The 9 hour trip up is costing us into the hundreds to get there an I am thankful for friends,  but wondering how to get my friends  there without costing them gas to help us.?*Sigh*  I thank God for vow to take the best care I can of them while on this trip an wanting for nothing! Now the planing an clothing.. pots and water..oh my! We have no other option but to Trust that God will provide everything an take the weight off. As we have to follow His plans as only those will succeed!

Please Follow along our journey as we work toward bringing Rest an Nature to All our future guest! Thanks for following!


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