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Pete Sang....

The Reason for the Mountains ....

Adventure calls from the Mountains, an the curiosity of whats it like always calls to me. Every day an night is different than the last, each with new adventure an discoveries. I am new to this camping life, but at the point, I want to jump on every open section of my schedule to go camping. I look to build my friend list full of like minded campers that love the unknown as much as I do.

Peeps that go out an see if that 0 degree bag is what the seller said it is! asking, "Will I sleep like a baby all night?" By the way, I love hammock tents !

That said, I am a new breed of camper just in that statement, to add a curve to that, I love hot tents that have the stove ! I am a niche so small its unheard of!! Where my peeps at? I'm looking for you!

If you're looking for adventure, the Arkansas Ozarks have plenty to offer. The mountains are teeming with opportunities for hiking and camping. You can go wild camping in the forest or glamping in luxury. There's something for everyone here! The reason for the Mountains is to show you how small you are, The reason for the Sun is to show you Love, The reason for the Stars are so you can dream.. Wild Camping, Glamping, Hiking, Kayaking...oh my!!

The reason for the stars are so you can see your self in them...

What is your dream?

Wild Camping,is the closest way to discover yourself an see what your capable of..

Wild camping is a great way to get close to nature. And It is a great way to save money on accommodation. How about a great way to meet interesting people? We a different breed..

Wild camping is a great way to experience the outdoors, and all its glory! You will see night skies that you've never seen before, or hear animals at night (maybe even fall in love with them).

The mountains will show you how small and insignificant you are, an what you are made of. But if you want you can just Glamp it ....

Glamping is a great way to experience the mountains.

  • Enjoy the outdoors.

  • Enjoy the mountains with friends and family cooking steaks on the Fire Pit.

  • Also, an ideal way for couples who want something more romantic than camping but still want the wilderness experience and comfort of home (or at least, something close).

Hiking and Glamping, are your Perfect Match...

I can go on an on on how Hiking and Glamping, are a Perfect Match..

You may be thinking, "Hiking? I don't hike." Why the Hey Not, you scared ! And if you do, here are the reasons why I Wild Camp an Hike:

  • It's good exercise. Hiking helps to improve muscle strength and endurance.

  • It's fun! Hiking with friends can be an exciting experience that brings people together while enjoying nature's beauty in its many forms (mountains, trees).

  • You'll learn about yourself through the process of getting lost on your journey through the woods (and then finding your way out again). This makes for an unforgettable adventure that makes memory's an valuable life lessons along the way.

So much to be experienced in the Mountains, our mountains are meant to be explored an remember... leave no trace!!

There are so many ways to enjoy our part of the mountains and you don't have to be in good shape. With some planning, you can have an adventure that is perfect for your family or friends. So , lets get to it an explore!!


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